Customer Success Leadership, Ownership & Responsibility to Your Customers – A Conversation with Leah Chaney

Check out this podcast where BetterGrowth's customer champion Leah Chaney talks with Scott Sambucci about customer success leadership, ownership & responsibility to your customers.

In this episode, Leah and Stott discuss customer success from the buyer’s point of view, the importance of being an investigative reporter as part of your customer success work, getting clear about your known outliers and challenges when creating your implementation plan, the importance of setting up a clear cadence with your new customers, the ‘80/20 rule’ – the biggest kryptonite in customer success, who runs the quarterly business reviews, conversation programs for customer success for upsells and renewals, the ‘triple-A’ scorecard for your customer success team, Leah’s dedication and active work around diversity and inclusion around the LGBT community, and more!

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Pattern Interrupts, Personas vs Titles and Warm Calls: An Interview with SDRemote Co-Founder Niko Hughes

Listen to one of BetterGrowth’s awesome founders, Niko Hughes, on the Startup Selling: Talking Sales With Scott Sambucci podcast!

In this episode of the Startup Selling Show, Niko and Steve discuss sales process management, funnel, biggest mistakes companies make when kicking off their sales work, personas VS target buyers, how to test a market, laser focus selling, length of the buying process, cold calling best practices, warm calling, and how to qualify leads, and more!

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